- W E L C O M E -

Hello, I'm Vincent and I make weird things with my hands. I grew up in Southern California and from a very young age I was either drawing, painting or sculpting. My mother always had an art project going on herself, but my father was best with numbers, he was an accountant. When it got to be that time in my life that I was going to further my education, I made the move to Tucson, Arizona.

It was here I attended the University of Arizona, where I originally was on a business path, because that's what adults do right? Within the first couple semesters I realized sitting at a desk job working on things had zero interest in would just drive me insane, so I made the switch to studying illustration and design. As of the year 2014, I graduated, and moved back to California for the time being. It was then I knew it was time to face the real world, a world full of potential and anxiety.

This website is meant to showcase what I've done, but also to give you an opportunity to show me what I could do. If you have a vision you want to give physical form, go ahead and fill out the "Contact" section up top.